“Tattoo’s” for Prosthetic Limbs

CORPUS CHRISTI, Tex. — A veteran is trying to help out others who havesuffered limb losses and need prosthetics by decorating them for free. It’s basically like a tattoo for the prosthetic. The company in Corpus Christi, Texas, called Lonestar Concepts and Design, is a a hydro graphics printing shop. They can cover a surface … Continue reading »

Jerry Newcomb: Amateur AotW

MEDFORD, Ore. — Some people say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but Jerry Newcomb disagrees. “I don’t set my standards by anybody else but myself,” Newcomb said. “I challenge myself.” His latest challenge is martial arts. The 53-year-old picked up the sport six months ago, training alongside kids sometimes a third of … Continue reading »