AHS Debate Team Weighs In On Candidates

ASHLAND, Ore. – As people across the U.S. tuned in to get another look at the two men running for president, a group of students were watching with a different perspective. Members of the Ashland High School debate team watched Tuesday’s debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, using what they’ve learned and … Continue reading »

Next Presidential Debate On Tuesday

HEMPSTEAD, NY. — There are only 22 days left until the election, and one day before the second presidential debate. Both candidates are hitting the books hard, ramping up their debate practices. This time, there will be no podium and it will be undecided voters firing questions at the President Obama and Governor Romney. The … Continue reading »

Young Voters Watch Debate Closely

ASHLAND, Ore., – Four years after young voters turned out at nearly historic levels in the previous presidential election, a new group of first-time voters are hoping to continue that spirit. Students at Southern Oregon University watched Wednesday’s debate from their dorm rooms, friends’ houses, and the school library. Several students said the first televised … Continue reading »

Local Democrats React to Debate

ASHLAND, Ore., – Local Democrats said President Barack Obama was on point and sticking to the facts in his first debate with Republican Challenger Mitt Romney on Wednesday. Oregon congressional candidate Joyce Segers watched the debate with Jackson County Democrats Chair Jan Waitt. Segers said she was pleased by President Obama’s performance, saying he weathered … Continue reading »

Locals Prep For Presidential Debates

MEDFORD, Ore. – With just over a month left until Election Day neither candidate has made a stop to campaign in Southern Oregon, which is a big change from just 8 years ago, when both President Bush and Senator Kerry as well as vice President Cheney and Senator Edwards all made stops in the Rogue … Continue reading »