First Defense Witness in Terrorism Case

PORTLAND, Ore. — The first defense witness took the stand in a Oregon terrorism case. Mohamed Mohamud’s father says his son was brainwashed by the FBI. Osman Barre was the one who originally contacted the FBI in 2009. He claims, at that time, he believed his son was in danger of being brainwashed by Al-Qaeda … Continue reading »

Mohamud Trial Begins

PORTLAND, Ore. — On Thursday, jury selection began for the man accused of trying to detonate a bomb during an Oregon Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Thursday morning, jury selection is scheduled to begin, for the trial of Mohamed Mohamud. According to the FBI, Mohamud intended to kill thousands in a Portland bombing in November of … Continue reading »

Christmas Tree Bomb Trial To Begin

PORTLAND, Ore. — The trial for the man accused trying to blow up a bomb at a Portland Christmas tree lighting ceremony is expected this week. Mohamed Muhamud allegedly attempted to detonate an 1,800 pound explosive device provided by undercover FBI agents. It was all part of a sting to capture potential terrorists. Prosecutors argue … Continue reading »

Mohamud Defense Wants Evidence Out

PORTLAND, Ore. – The FBI agent who uncovered a bombing plot in Portland took the stand Wednesday against Mohamed Mohamud. Mohamud is accused of an attempting bombing during a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony. The prosecution plans to show Mohamud’s intent with 11,000 text messages, emails, phone calls and surveillance all acquired by the FBI. Mohamud’s co-conspirators … Continue reading »