Ashland Officially Bans Plastic Bags

ASHLAND, Ore. — Ashland City Council says businesses will have 6 months to get rid of all remaining stock of single use plastic bags and switch to either paper bags or offer reusable options. The ordinance passed Tuesday night on a 5-1 vote that will ban all plastic bags from being distributed, and all paper … Continue reading »

Demonstrators Rally for Plastic Bag Ban

ASHLAND, Ore. — Protesters in Ashland are planning a demonstration to ban plastic bags in the city. According to Environment Oregon, more than one point seven billion plastic bags are used every year statewide; that’s about 500 plastic bags a person. Supporters of the ban say the bags are environmentally unsafe, and only a citywide … Continue reading »

Paper or Plastic? Options Could Change

ASHLAND, Ore. — Paper or plastic? The age old question asked at check out lanes in supermarkets across the county. In Ashland, however, one organization, Environment Oregon, is hoping the city will consider banning “plastic.” Ashland resident Ray Scaife made the switch to reusable bags a couple years ago after seeing how ineffective and how … Continue reading »