Pet of the Week – Watson

This Friday’s Pet of the Week is a yellow Labrador/Golden Retriever mix! Watson is about seven years old. He is the perfect family dog, as he is loving and family oriented. He loves to play tennis and would fetch a ball all day long if he could. When walking, he stays right next to his walker. Watson is … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week – Regina

This week’s Pet of the Week is a furry feline, Regina! Regina is a Tortoiseshell Cat and one of six kittens in her litter. She is about six months old with a beautiful black and orange coat! Regina has lots of energy and is very playful. She loves to be pet and is known for … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week – Sheae

MEDFORD Ore, — This Friday’s Pet of the Week is Sheae! Sheae is a solid black kitten who loves to be around people! She has a very soft coat and loves to be pet! If you’re interested in Sheae you can contact C.A.T.S, the Committed Alliance to Strays located at 104 N. Ross Lane in … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week – Carl

This week’s Pet of the Week is Carl! Carl is a mixed breed; it is unknown what exactly he is, however it is clear that he is part Chihuahua! Carl has a very soft coat, is 6-8 years old and is also housebroken. He likes to go for car rides and is described as very … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week: Skyler

MEDFORD, Ore. — This week’s  Pet of the Week is a kitten named Skyler. Skyler is a almost 7 months old and full of energy. She is very playful and one of four kittens who were found in an empty apartment. One of the kittens has been adopted, however the remaining three are still looking … Continue reading »

Pet Of The Week

Our pet of the week is Brandy, an 8-year-old pitbull who needs your love!  She’s a sweet dog, very playful and can be found at the Jackson County Animal Shelter. Learn how to keep your own furry friend cool during the heat of the summer!

Pet of the Week: Griffen and Baxley

Baxley and Griffen are two, 4-month-old kittens out of a litter of four. C.A.T.S. is currently overloaded with black cats (black is a predominant color with cats) and are offering a discount to adopt black cats. For more information, contact C.A.T.S: C.A.T.S Committed Alliance To Strays 104 N. Ross Lane Medford, OR, 97501 541-779-2916 Thurs … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week: A Litter of Kittens!

The Committed Alliance To Strays (C.A.T.S.) are currently looking for a foster family for a young cat mom and her litter of kittens. The mama cat has four biological kittens and one adopted kitten. C.A.T.S. would like to use this opportunity to inform people that if they come across a stray kitten, it’s best to … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week: Max

April 27th, 2012 Max is a 3-year-old golden lab. He was surrendered by his owners to the Jackson County Animal Shelter a month ago. Like most golden labs, Max has a lot of energy and he loves to play tennis (as in, fetching a tennis ball). The Jackson County Animal Shelter recommends a family with … Continue reading »

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