Hail Damages Pear Orchard

PHOENIX, Ore. — Hundreds of pears at Sierra Vista Orchard are damaged following Friday night’s thunderstorm. The damage is not hard to miss.  The hail puts little divots in the pear skin when it hits, often breaking the skin and damaging the pear. The hail damage could cost the orchard a pretty penny come harvesting … Continue reading »

Smoke Not Impacting Crops

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — A thick layer of smoke still blankets the air, but according to farmers, the smoke is not affecting their crop. At Seven Oaks Farm in Central Point, customers picked through a selection of fresh melons, peppers, peaches, and other produce. According to Seven Oaks Farm owner, Jerry Mefford, the only thing the … Continue reading »

Pears Fight Airborne Disease

MEDFORD, Ore. — Pear growers are battling their worst nightmare. Fire blight is an air-born disease that can be detrimental if left unattended.  It’s popular in pear trees and other ornamental trees. This year plant experts say fire blight is especially bad because of the warm humid start to the growing season, and windy days … Continue reading »