Rogue Valley Manor Involved In Lawsuit

MEDFORD, Ore. — The former executive of the Rogue Valley Manor is asking for $1.5 million in damages from the group that fired him. The manor’s long time former executive director, Kevin McLoughlin, was put on administrative leave and eventually fired last year. Pacific Retirement Services also removed seven of the manor’s nine board members, … Continue reading »

Settlement Reached Between Manor and PRS

MEDFORD, Ore. — A settlement has been reached between the Rogue Valley Manor Residents Steering Committee and Pacific Retirement Services after months of negotiations. Several different settlements were being considered before the residents overwhelmingly chose one. The battle has been going on for several months but came to an end on Monday. About 970 residents … Continue reading »

Medford Downtown Proposal

MEDFORD, Ore. — Downtown Medford could look a little different, at least between West Main and 8th streets. Pacific Retirement Services, Procare Software, and Rogue Disposal and Recycling announced they’re going in on a proposal together to build a new office retail building on the site surrounding the Evergreen parking structure. They’d each get a … Continue reading »

Rogue Valley Manor Suit

The Rogue Valley Manor asked a judge¬†Monday to keep it’s board of representatives intact through the civil suit involving their corporate counterpart. Exactly a week ago the Rogue Valley Manor announced it’s intent to seperate itself from the company it created more than two decades ago, pacific retirement services. Monday,¬†both sides got the chance to … Continue reading »