Group Joins Legal Defense of GMO Ban

MEDFORD, Ore. – The group looking to help Jackson County defend it’s voter approved ban on growing GMO crops has been added as co-defendants to the lawsuit challenging that ban. Two family farms have filed the lawsuit challenging Measure 15-119, which outlawed growing GMO crops in the county. The suit would overturn the ban, and … Continue reading »

GMO Fight Continues In Court

MEDFORD, Ore. — As two family farms await the outcome of their lawsuit against the county, which would overturn the ordinance banning GMO’s in the county, the issue is going to federal court. On Wednesday ban supporters asked the federal court to step in and allow the voter approved ban to take effect despite the pending litigation. The … Continue reading »

Update on Jackson Co. GMO Lawsuit

ASHLAND, Ore. — Local farmers and supporters of a GMO-Free Jackson County are meeting tonight. This is comes before a hearing scheduled next week about a GMO lawsuit involving the county and family farms. The Our Family Farms Coalition and Thrive are hosting presentations and discussions tonight. It’s part of an effort to educate the … Continue reading »

Farmers Ask Permission to Defend GMO Ban

MEDFORD, Ore. — On Wednesday, two Jackson County farmers and two non-profits, Our Family Farms Coalition and Center for Food Safety, filed papers in federal court to defend the county’s ban on growing genetically modified, or GMO crops. In May of 2014, voters in Jackson County approved measure 15-119, 66 to 34 percent. Since then, … Continue reading »

Local Group Preparing for GMO Lawsuit

MEDFORD, Ore. – A local advocacy group is hoping to put pressure on Jackson County Commissioners to vigorously defend the county’s voter approved ban on genetically modified crops, or GMOs. Voters approved the ban on GMOs in the county in the May Primary Election, 66 to 34 percent. Since then, a lawsuit has been filed … Continue reading »

Farmers Speak Out on GMO Mapping Effort

GRANTS PASS, Ore. – Jackson and Josephine Counties just placed bans on genetically modified crops, and now Oregon may become the first state in the country to map out GMO fields. Governor John Kitzhaber ordered the move last October, which would increase transparency among farmers in the state, helping to pinpoint the cause and location … Continue reading »

GMO Lawsuit May Be Filed Locally

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. – Jackson County’s recently passed GMO ban may soon be debated in court. And according to people involved in that potential lawsuit, it would be filed on behalf of a Jackson County farmer. The Oregonians for Food and Shelter, a special interest group in Salem, confirms they are considering a lawsuit, and … Continue reading »

Preparing for GMO Lawsuit

MEDFORD, Ore. — Less than a week into the Jackson County GMO ban, supporters are already preparing for a legal fight. Campaigners with Our Family Farms Coalition say statements from an opposition group in Salem lead them to believe a lawsuit may be on the way. Our Family Farms sent out a message to supporters … Continue reading »

Josephine County GMO Ban on the Fence

GRANTS PASS, Ore. – Anti-GMO activists in Josephine County are in a bind after last night’s vote. Despite voters overwhelmingly approving a ban on genetically modified crops, that ban can’t be enacted. A state bill, signed into law last October, prevents local governments from banning GMO crops. While Jackson County’s ballot measure beat the cutoff date, … Continue reading »

Activists Protest GMO “Dirty Money”

MEDFORD, Ore. – A wall of dollar bills stands outside the Jackson County Elections Office. It’s part of a Tuesday morning protest, using 800 bills representing the roughly $800,000 spent to stop a genetically modified crop ban. “This is what’s coming in right now to Jackson County via these big chemical companies,” said Elise Higley, … Continue reading »

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