In the Garden: Tomatoes for Next Year

MEDFORD, Ore. — As you plan next year’s garden, it’s time to start thinking about tomatoes. OSU Master Gardener Jane Moyer discusses the difference between heirloom and hybrid tomatoes in planning for next year’s garden. Heirloom tomatoes are open-pollinated (pollinated by wind, birds, insects, but not by mechanical means), the seeds replicate the parent plant; … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Gourds

You’ve seen them everywhere from the garden, to the grocery store, to the craft store. In this segment, we talk about gourds. OSU Master Gardener Laurin Parker joins us in the garden to show the different uses of gourds, including using gourds as a bird’s nest and using them for decoration. The OSU Master Gardeners … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Geraniums

OSU Master Gardener Jim and Dotti Becker join us in the garden to talk about geraniums. In the video above, Jim and Dotti explain scented geraniums. They talk about the beauty of their leaves shape, color, texture and, of course, scent. They also discuss how to cook with scented geraniums. The OSU Master Gardeners Hotlines: … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Changing Beds

When the season changes, you should also change your garden beds. In the video above, OSU Master Gardener Teresa Reavis talks about changing beds for the changing season. The OSU Master Gardeners Hotlines: Jackson County: 541-776-7371 Josephine County: 541-476-6613 Klamath County: 541-883-7131 Curry County: 541-247-6672

In the Garden: Planting Trees

MEDFORD, Ore. — This time of year is an ideal time to plant trees in our area. OSU Master Gardener Rhianna Simes tells you when and how to plant a tree. Simes says fall is the ideal time to plant trees in the Northwest, especially once they are dormant or have lost their leaves. Planting at … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Planting Bulbs

It is finally feeling like fall and that means it’s time to start thinking about planting for the season. OSU Master Gardner Laurin Parker says the type of bulb you buy will make a difference.  She says you should not choose the cheaper bulbs.  Many times those bulbs will be undersized and not produce the … Continue reading »

Dan’s Garden: Planting Garlic

OSU Master Gardener Teresa Reavis has three kinds of garlic in her garden: a soft neck, a hard neck and an elephant garlic. Teresa explains that the soft neck and hard neck are kind of the same; they can be a little more pungent and kind of hot. Elephant garlic usually has a kind of … Continue reading »

Dan’s Garden: Deadheading

Deadheading is removing spent flowers so that you can encourage the flowers to grow again. If you don’t deadhead in your garden, not only does it look ugly, but at the same time the plant doesn’t know how to generate. Remember: the flowers are coming because they want to reproduce, so if they go to … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Vertical Gardening

MEDFORD, Ore. — Sometimes there’s a lot of gardening to do, but not much room to do it in. Meteorologist Dan Pope shows us how to make the most out of the space you have. The way to do it if you have a small space, or if you’re getting a little old like some … Continue reading »

Dan’s Garden: Maintaining Roses and Deer

MEDFORD, Ore. — If deer are a problem in your yard, you can discourage them by using all different kinds of arraignments…or maybe you can let the deer help you. Take a third of a cup of dish-washing soap, a third of a cup of Tabasco, one beef bouillon cube, three eggs and a cup … Continue reading »

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