International Spotlight on Area Wineries

GOLD HILL, Ore. — Southern Oregon wineries are getting international attention thanks to a profile in one of the biggest publications in the world. The New York Times highlighted southern Oregon’s wineries and vineyards in an article this week, and called them an alternative to the Napa Valley. Local wineries said the region grows a … Continue reading »

Smoke Could Mean Success for Wineries

APPLEGATE VALLEY, Ore. — Local vineyards say all of that smoke we’ve seen may spell success. In the past, vineyards have even branded their wines after fires in the area. Smoke has been pouring into the Applegate Valley at sometimes hazardous levels. The smoke is impacting the wine industry, forcing at least one wine tour … Continue reading »

Record Numbers for Oregon Wineries

ASHLAND, Ore. — Just in time for the holidays: news that will make local winemakers rejoice. For the first time, Oregon wineries topped the 2 million case mark, the result of a record 42,000 tons of grapes harvested last year. The state’s 463 wineries saw overall sales increase 9%; compare that to just 2% for … Continue reading »