Oregon Trails: Blizzard of 1938

WEED, Calif. — When old timers sit around on a cold winter’s night and talk about the days past when it was really cold and the weather was bad, talk often turns to the big blizzard of 1938. Jim Gubetta was just a kid 75 years ago, helping deliver milk for his uncle’s dairy in … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: Ashland City Plaza

ASHLAND, Ore. – A project to re-shape and upgrade the landmark plaza in downtown Ashland is focusing new attention and interest on the popular tourist attraction, but it’s not the first time the plaza has gone through a make-over. For more than a hundred years, the Ashland Plaza has been something of a gateway to … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: Snow Go

MEDFORD, Ore. – This is the season for snowy weather around our area, and thanks to the efforts of state, county and city crews, getting around is not as tough as it was a few generations ago. It’s also thanks to the creative genius of a couple Southern Oregon men that navigating on or off … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: Stage Road Trails

NEAR GOLD HILL, Ore. — This month marks the 125th anniversary of the completion of the railroad through Oregon to California. It not only made travel safer, quicker and easier, but it also marked the beginning of the end of stagecoach travel in our region. Along the west side of the Bear Creek Valley, between … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: A History of Christmas

Christmas is just a little over a week away, and people are busy trying to finish shopping and getting ready for the biggest holiday of the year. It wasn’t always that way, even for many of our parents or grandparents. In this Oregon Trails, NewsWatch 12’s Ron Brown takes a look at how Christmas has … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: Table Rock’s Tunnels

SAMS VALLEY, Ore. – From the time the first settlers arrived in the Rogue Valley, the Table Rocks have been a source of fascination and mystery. All sorts of rumors and legends surround the Twin Mesas along the Rogue River near Sams Valley and one of the most enduring mysteries involve a series of deep … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: Medford Radio

MEDFORD, Ore. – This year, 2012, marks the 90th anniversary of many of the first commercial radio stations on the air in the united states and one of those pioneer stations is right in Medford. For those of us who grew up in the 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s, radio was the center of entertainment and … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: Bomber Crash Site

NEAR DENIO, Nev. — It’s more than sixty years since the end of World War Two, and for many Americans, the memories of that war are fading away; so are many of the relics and sites rusting and becoming overgrown as the decades pass. A wind-swept meadow high in the Pueblo Mountains, just north of … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: The Tale of Two Councils

GOLD HILL, Ore. – The 2012 election season has focused mainly on the presidential race and its impacts on the nation, but a hundred years ago, one of Jackson County’s biggest towns was in the middle of a political storm that threatened to tear the community apart. Main Street in Gold Hill is quiet and … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: Trick or Treat

MEDFORD, Ore. – Fall is here in all it’s colorful glory, and with it kids of all ages thinking of Halloween. Halloween is next Wednesday, and with it the tradition of costumes, parties and trick or treating. For as long as most of us can remember, Halloween has been a favorite holiday for kids and … Continue reading »

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