New Bill Regarding Timber Counties

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon State Legislature is working on a bill to help rural timber counties who will not approve profits from logging. The bill would allow counties like Curry and Josephine to declare bankruptcy and also merge with other counties. In addition, the state would also be able to help fund certain services … Continue reading »

Oregon Proposes Shifting Wildfire Costs

MEDFORD, Ore. – Homeowners could pay less to help fight wildfires under a new plan being discussed in Salem. A new plan by the Oregon legislature wants to move around who pays to fight wildfires in order to keep costs low while fire danger is high. As it stands right now, during wildfire season, landowners … Continue reading »

Oregon Governor On Gun Policy

SALEM, Ore. — In response to the mass shootings and debates about gun control, sources close to the Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber are saying, he is working towards changing gun policy in Oregon. A spokesman for the governor, says the Governor, “sees no reason for civilians to have assault weapons.” Governor Kitzhaber is also asking … Continue reading »

Governor Calls For Special Session

SALEM, Ore. — Governor Kitzhaber is calling for a special legislative session to help keep Nike in Oregon. It’s aimed at creating a tax plan to allow the company to expand in Oregon, but it could also apply to other large companies as well. The plan by Governor Kitzhaber asks that large companies pledge to … Continue reading »