2014 Oregon Legislative Session to Start

SALEM, Ore. — Monday marks the beginning of the 2014 Oregon legislative session and local legislators expect it to be a very fast passed with a variety of issues getting attention. Cover Oregon has been controversial since its launch in October and the website is still not fully functional. Representative Dennis Richardson of Central Point … Continue reading »

Cigarette Tax Increase

SALEM, Ore. — Starting the first of the year, cigarette taxes will increase in Oregon. The Oregon Department of Revenue will increase the state tax on a standard pack of cigarettes by 13 cents, from $1.18 to $1.31. Tobacco officials say revenue from these taxes total about $250 million a year. The money helps to … Continue reading »

Oregon House Votes To Tax Cigarettes

SALEM, Ore. — In addition to gun control, another debate at the state capital is whether or not to allow a tax on tobacco. The House narrowly passed the measure to allow counties to tax cigarettes on Thursday. Tobacco taxes are currently the exclusive authority of the state. Proponents say the bill would help struggling … Continue reading »

Oregon Lawmakers Discuss Budget, Safety

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon legislators could unveil a new budget plan as early as Monday, which could give a big boost to schools. Budget writers are working on a two-year spending plan and say this plan will include at least an additional billion dollars for schools in the state. Some say it could be enough … Continue reading »

Possible Changes To Oregon Liquor Laws

SHADY COVE, Ore. –- An effort is underway to change the liquor laws in the state of Oregon. The Northwest Grocery Association is making a push for grocers to be able to sell more than beer and wine in Oregon. The Shady Cove Market is one of the very few grocery stores in the area … Continue reading »

State Hires Temporary Workers

SALEM, Ore. — Many state jobs that have come back to Oregon since the 2008 recession have only been temporary work. A report from the Oregon Department of Administrative Services says two-thirds of state government jobs added since 2008 were seasonal or temporary work. Some jobs were filled as part of special projects or seasonal … Continue reading »

$80 Million Extra For Oregon Budget

SALEM, Ore. — The State of Oregon found an extra $80 million in their budget. The state economists said they underestimated how much money would come in from taxes. The money, which will be filtered into the general fund and lottery will likely mean there are no immediate budget cuts. Economists also pointed out that … Continue reading »