Oregon Legislature Prompts Mixed Reviews

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon’s lawmakers are giving mixed reviews to the most recently concluded session of the Oregon Legislature. While democrats are praising progress this year, house republicans say it was partisanship as usual. The highlights of this session include re-upping investment in education to $6.7 billion, about a billion more than last year, at … Continue reading »

New Tuition Plan for Oregon Universities

SALEM, Ore. — A bill to let college students pay tuition after graduation is just a signature away from becoming law. Oregon lawmakers approved a new tuition plan for the state’s seven state universities. It would allow students to attend school, then repay tuition at a later date based on their earnings. Those who earn … Continue reading »

Measure 11 Sentencing May Be Changing

Oregon lawmakers are looking to scale back sentencing to limit the strain on the state’s prison system. Currently, Measure 11 sets a mandatory minimum sentencing for certain sex abuse, assault and robbery crimes. The change would cap the mandatory sentence and look at monitoring offenders in programs rather than prisons. Governor John Kitzhaber says it … Continue reading »

Bill to Insure Immigrants on Road

SALEM, Ore. — More than $85 million comes out of the state budget every year to deal with car accidents caused by uninsured drivers. Oregon lawmakers are hoping their bill will help alleviate some of that by insuring illegal immigrants. They introduced legislation Tuesday that would create a short-term driver’s license. Drivers wouldn’t be able … Continue reading »

Oregon Lawmakers Discuss Budget, Safety

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon legislators could unveil a new budget plan as early as Monday, which could give a big boost to schools. Budget writers are working on a two-year spending plan and say this plan will include at least an additional billion dollars for schools in the state. Some say it could be enough … Continue reading »