Unemployment Benefits Expire Saturday

(CNN) — Federal unemployment benefits end Saturday for 1.3 million jobless Americans. The checks will stop coming after a program signed into law back in 2008 expires Saturday. An additional 850,000 workers will also lose state unemployment benefits over the next three months. Congress extended or expanded the federal aid to the long-term jobless 11 … Continue reading »

Construction Leads to Jobs Growth

MEDFORD, Ore. — State unemployment is at a five year low according to the latest jobs report released on Tuesday. It now sits at 7.7%. According to the latest jobs report, the big news here is construction. Construction employment surged almost 10% since last year and the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis says it’s mostly … Continue reading »

Oregon Unemployment Numbers Falling

SALEM, Ore. — The latest state’s unemployment rate has fallen to a five-year low. Oregon’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropped to 7.7% last month. That’s down from 7.8% in September and from 8.1% in August. Oregon’s Employment Department says, as a whole, the numbers show that the economy is improving at a gradually accelerating pace. … Continue reading »

43,000 Job Openings Reported this Summer

SALEM, Ore. — The number of open summer jobs in Oregon may be a positive sign for the economy. The Oregon Employment Department just released information from the summer. It says private employers had nearly 43,000 job vacancies over the summer. In July, there were more than 157,000 unemployed Oregonians. That translates to about 4 … Continue reading »

Southern Oregon Job Vacancies Worse

MEDFORD, Ore. — The results from the most recent job vacancy survey have been released by the Oregon Employment Department, and the results for Oregon are worse than the national average. According to statistics from the Oregon Employment Department, there are about 7 applicants for every 1 job vacancy is Southern Oregon, which is worse … Continue reading »

State Hires Temporary Workers

SALEM, Ore. — Many state jobs that have come back to Oregon since the 2008 recession have only been temporary work. A report from the Oregon Department of Administrative Services says two-thirds of state government jobs added since 2008 were seasonal or temporary work. Some jobs were filled as part of special projects or seasonal … Continue reading »