Coquille Casino Plans Presented

MEDFORD, Ore. — County commissioners meet with the Coquille Tribe this morning to discuss plans of a possible casino opening in south Medford. Officials with the Coquille Tribe presented plans to Jackson County officials on Tuesday morning, who then followed up with questions about the business plan. Jackson County Administrator Danny Jordan asked questions regarding … Continue reading »

City Council Voice Casino Concerns

MEDFORD, Ore. – Questions are still buzzing around a planned casino in south Medford and city council members are showing they’re still hooked on that possible development. The city council is asking the Coquille Tribe for more information on the impacts to the city. The city of Medford sent a letter to the Coquille Tribe … Continue reading »

Community Reacts To Casino

MEDFORD, Ore. – Neighboring business owners said they are eager to learn what this new casino could mean for their bottom line. As plans for the casino unfold, word of the possible new addition has many business owners on the edge of their seats. Habitat for Humanity, Char’s Kitchen Express and Skinners Autoplex are all in … Continue reading »