Bill Explores Free Community College

MEDFORD, Ore. — Joshua Majchrzak graduated from high school last year and is now working toward his dream. “Right now I’m just doing my pre-requisites at R.C.C. but eventually I plan on going into nanotechnology which is a new field in science,” said Majchrzak. The road to that career will include higher education and the … Continue reading »

Rogue Creamery Now a “Benefit Company”

MEDFORD, Ore. — Local cheese shop Rogue Creamery is the first business in the state to earn a new title for social responsibility. The shop is now one of 29 companies registered as a benefit company, a new business type created this year by the Oregon House. Benefit companies are a way for businesses to … Continue reading »

Possible New Addiction Help for Minors

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Oregon House is reviewing a bill that would expand mental health and drug addiction services to minors who don’t have parental consent. The bill already passed near-unanimously in the Senate. Minors can already get treatment from doctors, nurses, or psychologists without consent. This bill would allow them to seek treatment from … Continue reading »

Logging Protest Bills Pass Oregon House

SALEM, Ore. — Protesters who chain themselves to trees and block roads, interfering with logging operations, may soon face stiffer penalties. The Oregon House has passed two bills targeting those protesters. A first offense would be a misdemeanor and subsequent offenses would be felonies. The other bill would allow logging companies to sue demonstrators who … Continue reading »

“Good Neighbor Bill” Passes House

SALEM, Ore. — Legislation has passed in the Oregon House to prevent vacant foreclosed homes from becoming neighborhood eyesores. More than half of all foreclosed homes in Oregon are vacant, but current law does not assign responsibility for the upkeep of these abandoned properties. This situation has created problems for neighborhoods throughout the state as … Continue reading »

“Popular Vote” Proposal In Oregon

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon House has voted to join a movement seeking to elect the president by the national popular vote. The legislation would require Oregon to cast its seven electoral college ballots for the candidate who wins the national vote, rather than the one who gets the most votes in Oregon. Nine states … Continue reading »

Bill Proposes Pot Grow Restrictions

MEDFORD, Ore. — Local law enforcement is backing a bill to change Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program. The bill is pushing to limit how many growers are allowed to grow medicinal cannabis on any one property. Medford Police Chief Tim George was in Salem to support House Bill 3055. He testified at a hearing at the … Continue reading »

Oregon Voting On Immigrant Tuition Bill

SALEM, Ore. — A bill allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition could be voted on by the full Oregon House this Friday. The bill was approved by a House committee on Monday. Currently, Oregon state universities make students pay out-of-state tuition if they cannot prove they are in the U.S. legally. The bill’s supporters … Continue reading »