Changes Coming for Transgender Community

ASHLAND, Ore. — The Oregon Health Plan is making big changes to support transgender patients, covering gender reassignment surgery and hormone therapy for the first time. The change in coverage, which is expected to cost about $150,000 out of the program’s $12 billion annual budget, could be life-saving according to many in the transgender community. … Continue reading »

OHP Partnership with Clinics

MEDFORD, Ore. — Aside from raising the income level, adding on dental coverage and other benefits, the Oregon Health Authority is also helping to fund health care positions in local clinics. January 1st, OHP will pay what they are calling non-medical coaches to change the way those on the plan get health care. The funds … Continue reading »

Flu Shot Offered To Children On OHP

MEDFORD, Ore.– Health officials have reported the flu season came earlier than usual this year. Flu shots have been hard to come by in the Rogue Valley, so one organization is giving away flu vaccines for free to children who other wise may not be able to get one. Community Health Center in Medford is offering … Continue reading »

CCO Childbirth Options Change Next Year

MEDFORD, Ore. – As of January 1st of next year, pregnant woman on the Oregon Health Plan will be required to receive care through a Coordinated Care Organization, or CCO. This new change could have an effect on the birthing options those mothers will have. Medical officials say the “fee for service” plan is being … Continue reading »

Launch Day For Oregon Health Plan COO

ACROSS OREGON — Big changes took effect with how the Oregon Health Plan is carried out today. The 8 certified coordinated care organizations, or CCO’s, took affect on Wednesday. The CCO’s are spread out through out the state. Under the Oregon Health Plan, physical, mental and dental health care are all under one roof. For … Continue reading »

Oregon Health Plan Undergoes Changes

By Rob Scott MEDFORD, Ore. — Less than a month from now, thousands of people in Southern Oregon will be impacted by changes to Oregon’s Health Plan. Physical, mental and dental coverage will all now be under one umbrella of health coverage. Last week, eight coordinated care organizations, or CCO’s, were certified by the Oregon … Continue reading »