Cover Oregon Missing Payments to Agents

MEDFORD, Ore. – For David Cuttrell, the past few months have been one disappointment after another. Cuttrell and his agency, Oregon Health Exchange, were among Cover Oregon’s earliest adopters. He alone signed up 152 people by pen and paper, taking at least three hours of work per customer. But their commission, based on a percentage … Continue reading »

Governor Reveals Cover Oregon Review

SALEM, Ore. — Governor John Kitzhaber is sounding off about the state’s flawed health care exchange. He says Cover Oregon is still not up to par. Days away from the deadline, Oregon is the only state where the public still can’t sign up for health insurance online in one sitting. Thursday, Kitzhaber revealed results of … Continue reading »

Cover Oregon Website Makes Progress

MEDFORD, Ore. — Agents with Cover Oregon say the troubled web site has made big progress in the past week, which helping people to sign up for health insurance. The Cover Oregon web site launched in October, but has technical issues right from the start. For four months, you couldn’t sign up online, and needed … Continue reading »