Cover Oregon Appreciation Fair

MEDFORD, Ore. — Oregon’s healthcare exchange, Cover Oregon, is holding application fairs this month for those needing to buy a policy. People will be able to browse policy options at the fairs. They’ll also be able to have their questions answered in person, and get help through the entire application process. The next fair is … Continue reading »

Insured Waiting for an Extension

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — People whose health plans were cancelled or changed because of the Affordable Care Act still do not know whether they will keep their plans, despite assurances made by the President last week. The Affordable Care Act requires insurance plans to meet certain minimum standards, but that means insurance plans that do … Continue reading »

Young People and Health Insurance

ASHLAND, Ore. — Young people will be the key to the Affordable Care Act’s success, but health care providers say many young people simply don’t know how to sign up, and are choosing to go without coverage. Jacob Allphin is a student at SOU, and talking about health insurance, you might as well be speaking … Continue reading »

Affordable Care Act Anniversary

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Affordable Care Act celebrates its third birthday on Monday. Experts in Oregon say patients are already feeling the changes, and more are on the way. Health care experts are calling it a tipping point for Oregon. Three years into the Affordable Care Act, the state is getting ready to launch its … Continue reading »

Oregon Proposes Rural Health Care Bill

RUCH, Ore. — Getting healthcare to people in rural areas can be hard, but a plan by Oregon lawmakers wants to make it easier. The plan would help doctors open new clinics that don’t have access to regular healthcare. Clinics that are already open in rural areas say there’s a big need. Medical care and … Continue reading »