A Look at Oregon Gulch Fire Camp

NEAR THE GREEN SPRINGS, Ore. — The Oregon Gulch Fire camp is like a small city. As logistical crews bring in more resources for fire crews during their downtime, the fire itself is slowing down. A few crews and some pieces of equipment are now heading to other fires. The big challenge in the next … Continue reading »

Oregon Gulch Lined Despite Spotty Storms

NEAR ASHLAND, Ore. – Hand crews and bulldozers sift through ash and burning logs under clear skies at Parker Mountain. The stormy weather has already come and gone, and within a few hours it’s already onto mop-up duty. The 7-10 acre fire, just north of the main body of the Oregon Gulch fire, is one … Continue reading »

Red Cross Scouting Greensprings Shelters

NEAR ASHLAND, Ore. – Red Cross volunteers are posting up in the Greensprings area to advise residents for possible evacuation, and to scope out shelters. Two volunteers were called out to the area near the Greensprings Inn Monday morning in response to the growing threat of the Oregon Gulch fire. In addition to setting up … Continue reading »

Pinehurst Inn Remains Open During Fire

NEAR ASHLAND, Ore. – Despite the Oregon Gulch Fire being just a few miles away, owners of the Pinehurst Inn say they’ll continue to stay open and operate as a rest stop for visitors and fire personnel. Thick clouds of smoke could be seen over a ridge next to the inn, right off Highway 66. … Continue reading »

Residents and Crews Respond to Fire

NEAR ASHLAND, Ore. – Not-so-distant wisps of smoke emerge from the treetops at the Greensprings Inn. A motley group of firefighters, residents, and curious passers-by gather just outside at an information board, pouring over maps and community notices. Just hundreds of yards away — homeowners prep their vehicles, fill water tanks, and get ready for … Continue reading »