Gas Prices Reach Summer Low

MEDFORD, Ore. — Gas prices right now are predicted to be at its lowest for the summer. AAA officials say in Oregon, the average gas price is $3.76. That’s still slightly higher than years past. In 2011, the average price in Oregon reached a low of around $3.72. In 2012, the average was around $3.54. … Continue reading »

Gas Prices Still Soaring

MEDFORD, Ore. — Analysts are concerned the national average price for a gallon of gas could reach $5.00. Prices nationwide have been soaring for more than 30 consecutive days now and expert say they’ll continue to rise. Experts say it’s a rare occurrence  but right now, Oregon is actually below the national average, but that’s not … Continue reading »

Gas Prices Continue Rising

MEDFORD, Ore. — AAA reports gas prices continue to rise for the 33rd day in a row. The national average for gas is roughly around $3.74 a gallon. Hawaii is the most expensive state to buy gas at $4.28. The cheapest place to buy gas is Wyoming at a mere $3.19, although regular in most … Continue reading »

Medford Drivers Feeling Pain at the Pump

MEDFORD, Ore. — Filling up before weekend travel will cost you a little more this Friday. If you filled up in Medford, you might have noticed an increase in gas prices anywhere from 8 to 20 cents per gallon. AAA Oregon officials said prices are up because of the marketplace, an increase in crude oil … Continue reading »

Report Shows Pain At The Pump In 2012

MEDFORD, Ore.– A new report by AAA shows drivers were emptying their wallets to fill up their tanks like never before in 2012. “It affects my daily commute quite a bit because we commute 90 miles to work everyday. So we certainly spent a lot more last year than in previous years,” said Washington resident … Continue reading »

Gas Prices Are On The Decline

MEDFORD, Ore. — For the west coast, including Alaska, and Hawaii, over 7 million people are expected to travel by car this Thanksgiving. If your getting behind the wheel, you’ll be facing some difficult weather conditions, but there will be one small up side: gas prices are down. For the last four weeks, Oregon has … Continue reading »

Gas Prices Declining Before Thanksgiving

MEDFORD, Ore. — Whether you’re going near or far, over the river or through the woods, you’ll get there for a little less this Thanksgiving. AAA reports the national average drops three cents this week to $3.41 while Oregon’s statewide average falls 8 cents to $3.52. NewsWatch12 stopped by the Shell Station at the Rogue … Continue reading »

Double-Digit Gas Price Drop

MEDFORD, Ore. — For the fourth week in a row, Oregon gas prices dropped by double digits. The current average statewide is $3.60 a gallon according to AAA down ten cents from last week. Analysts say the pain is lessening at the pump due to a number of factors including lower crude oil prices and … Continue reading »

California Drivers Fill Up In Oregon

ASHLAND, Ore. – Record high gas prices in California are sending drivers across the border to fill up, even as Oregon’s prices go higher. The price of gas keeps going up. Now, those prices have reached Southern Oregon, but drivers from other states aren’t complaining, because California drivers say the prices in Oregon are a … Continue reading »

Gas Prices Decline Slowly

MEDFORD, Ore. – Gas prices across Oregon are declining, but they are still the highest they ever have been for this time of year. Oregon’s average lost 5-cents recently, dropping the average to $3.96 a gallon. This is the first time in five weeks that Oregon’s average has been below $4.00 a gallon. The national … Continue reading »

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