Friday Update on Wildfires

Labrador Fire The estimated size of the fire remains at 2,020 acres. There is no word on containment. Closures: Forest Roads 4103, 4105 and 4103152. The entire Illinois River Trail. The Labrador Fire is burning in an area south and west of the Illinois River in inaccessible country 30 miles southwest of Grants Pass, Oregon. … Continue reading »

A Look at the Type I Fire Team

GLENDALE, Ore. — While the Douglas Complex may be the highest priority fire in the country, some of the country’s most elite firefighters are elsewhere. Officials are calling the Big Windy Fire one of the most complex because of its rugged terrain, which is why it’s getting what’s called a Type I incident management team. … Continue reading »

Wash Unit Reduces Spreading of Weeds

SELMA, Ore. — Firefighters are making sure their duty to protect the lands doesn’t stop once they return to the camp. The damage caused by the flames is only one of the many concerns for crew working in the Southern Oregon wilderness. “The Weed Wash Unit” is exactly what it sounds like. Washers make sure … Continue reading »

Critical Fire Resource At Airport

MEDFORD, Ore. — Fire agencies have multiple resources on hand to fight fires. Oregon Department of Forestry has a contract to use an airtanker this fire season. One of those is now stationed at the Medford Airport: air tanker 6-2. Two loads of retardant were dropped over the fire in Merlin on Thursday. “Every time … Continue reading »

Study Shows Climate Change Impacts

MEDFORD, Ore. — A 280- page report issued this week by the U.S. Department of Agriculture warns that climate change could bring more massive wildfires and insect destruction of forests in the next 25 years. Officials with the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management say they are managing forest lands in this area with … Continue reading »

Oregon Senators Asking For Disaster Aid

WASHINGTON, D.C. — After facing a year of historic wildfires, Oregon senators are asking President Obama to add our state to a disaster relief package that includes those affected by Superstorm Sandy. Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden are hoping to have Oregon farmers and ranchers put on a disaster aid package that is expected … Continue reading »

Federal Official Talk Western Fires

LAKEVIEW, Ore. — A federal official is asking western communities, utilities, and others to work together on projects that would restore forests and range land charred by recent forest fires. The overseer for the U.S. Forest Service, told government officials at a Western Governor’s Association meeting this weekend, that the federal government is ramping up … Continue reading »

Record Fire Year For Northwest

MEDFORD, Ore. – It’s been a season of wildfires across Oregon this year, leading to a record number of burned acres. Fire managers say 2012 may be the biggest wildfire season on record for the Northwest with more than a million acres burned. The burned areas in Oregon and Washington are six times larger than … Continue reading »

Congress Considers Fire Fight Funds

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Fires are still burning throughout Oregon and now Congress is considering providing emergency funding to help fund the fire fights. This comes as the U.S. Forest Service has exhausted it’s fire suppression fund. Senator Jeff Merkley says without emergency funding, the Forest Service would be forced to fund firefighting operations by cutting … Continue reading »

Sen. Merkley: ‘We Need Emergency Funds’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Forest Service has exhausted their firefighting funds. The extensive fire season and the huge costs of fighting those fires is putting a strain on the federal agency. Senator Jeff Merkley is urging Senate Leaders Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell to make additional resources available. Senator Merkley said the Forest Service may … Continue reading »

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