Homeowners Trying to Reduce Water Use

PHOENIX, Ore. – Homeowners have taken steps to reduce the water usage in their own yards as the region goes through drought conditions. Landscapers said some homeowners are opting to put things into yards that don’t consume water, like rocks and bark. They said in the summer months, those alternative landscaping options become more popular … Continue reading »

Locals Feeling the Effects of Flooding

EAGLE POINT, Ore. – A sump pump pulls stagnant water from beneath Eagle Point’s Reese Creek Christian Center. The pooled up water is visible through a small opening in the side of the raised building. And while it started as a burst pipe, it was made worse by days of pouring rain. “I’m just going … Continue reading »

Drought Emergency in Local Counties

LAKEVIEW, Ore. — In just a week’s time, two Southern Oregon counties have declared a drought emergency. This week, Lake County Commissioners declared a drought emergency, just one day after Klamath County did the same. The two counties are requesting help from the state. In a letter to the governor, Lake County Commissioners wrote that … Continue reading »