Air Quality Could Fall From 790 Fire

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – Air quality is suffering due to the Wildland Fire 790. Levels could potentially reach unhealthly levels and Public health officials encourage residents to take precautions. Areas that are affected are the Klamath Basin, especially Chiloquin and Rocky Point. The fire is not contained and due to variations in the wind, hourly … Continue reading »

Klamath Air Quality Standards Debated

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — After nearly two weeks of record low temperatures and severe air inversion, the air in the Klamath Basin and around Lakeview is starting to clear up. Strong breezes overnight pushed most of the stale air out that federal air quality officials say violates clean air standards. Klamath County officials, who have … Continue reading »

Fire Smoke Incites Air Quality Concerns

MEDFORD, Ore. – With so many fires burning, smoke is traveling into the Rogue Valley and officials say they are monitoring that haze closely. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality says they have monitors across Southern Oregon that record the type of pollution in the air. One sits in a neighborhood in south west Medford … Continue reading »