Oregon Marijuana Campaign Low On Funds

SALEM, Ore. — Millions of dollars are moving toward efforts to legalize marijuana in Colorado and Washington, but it’s a different story for organizers here in Oregon. Marijuana activists are looking at a bank account with less than $1,800. This comes as a surprise since Oregon is a state with one of the nation’s highest … Continue reading »

Money Shortfall For Measure 80

MEDFORD, Ore. – Millions of dollars are pouring in to the support of ballot measures for marijuana legalization, but Oregon is not seeing the same generosity as the election nears. Marijuana activist are centering much of their financial support to those measures in the Washington and Colorado states, but a similar measure in Oregon, Measure … Continue reading »

Pro-Pot Donors Bypass Oregon

SALEM, Ore. — Advocates of legalizing marijuana are passing over Oregon and instead pouring millions into other states with ballot measures in this upcoming election. Many believe it’s because the issue has not been polling as favorably in Oregon as it has in Colorado and Washington state, the two other states which will vote on … Continue reading »