Alysa Bobbit’s Grandma Speaks Out

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Alysa Bobbit’s family found out about “Operation Rap It Up” on Wednesday. Alysa Bobbit was killed in a bizarre accident last year, which sparked the Rap It Up investigation. Alysa’s grandmother, Tressa Turner, was shocked to find out about the new investigation, but was glad to hear that Alysa’s death led to … Continue reading »

Manslaughter Case Reveals Firearms Ring

MEDFORD, Ore. – A newly-laid tombstone sits next to a magnolia tree at the Perl Siskiyou Cemetery. The stone marks the grave of Alysa Bobbitt and stands a monument to a tragic court case one year ago. During that trial, Grants Pass resident Jon Meyer Jr. Was charged with accidentally killing Bobbitt, who was just … Continue reading »