Police Train in Freezing Temperatures

WHITE CITY, Ore. – Shell casings fell to the snow as Medford Police officers spent hours training in 20 degree weather in an effort to gain experience in winter conditions. “Manual dexterity, it diminishes quite a bit the colder and colder it gets,” said Officer Paul Mellgren. Ice and sub-freezing temperatures impact everything from the … Continue reading »

Dedicated Team Reducing Crime in City

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A community outraged by the petty crimes and dirty city parks demanded a solution. So, the city of Grants Pass created one. The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety organized the Nuisance Intervention Team (NIT) to target problematic areas around the city.  Police say one of those areas they canvass is Baker Park. “Kids come out … Continue reading »

Set Police Team Target Gang Activity

MEDFORD, Ore. — Gang activity in west Medford is frightening people in their own neighborhoods. The Medford Police Department is taking a different approach to solve gang-related crimes. There is now at least two  full-time officers who focus on gang suppression and find potential gang members before they break the law. News Watch 12 spoke to a woman who lives … Continue reading »