Studded Tire Season Ends

MEDFORD, Ore. — Another sign of the changing seasons: studded tire season is ending. The Oregon Department of Transportation says studded tire season will not be extended this year. That means you will have until the end of the week to take them off. If you are caught driving in Oregon after March 31st with … Continue reading »

O-DOT Prepares For Snow

ASHLAND, Ore. – Snow is falling across Southern Oregon and Northern California, the snow is expected to continue falling in the hills and to some pretty low elevations. Oregon Department of Transportation crew members are prepping the roads, using deicers along Interstate 5. This is what they do normally every year, but this fall they’ve … Continue reading »

ODOT Prepares For Winter Driving

MEDFORD, Ore. – With ODOT’s recent announcement that it will use rock salt to clear snow on the Siskiyou Pass, mechanics say the salt can have corrosive effects if cars are not kept clean. Crews at Medford Automotive say rock salt can eat through paint, and cause rust. They say drivers who pass through an … Continue reading »