Home Video Spots Cougar Near Rural Home

BUTTE FALLS, Ore. — A southern Oregon woman caught an unexpected visitor on her surveillance camera at her home in rural Jackson County. The video posted to Linda Stockton’s Facebook page shows two cougars roaming through her backyard in Butte Falls. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said those big cats are pretty common … Continue reading »

ODFW May Increase Hunting Fees

MEDFORD, Ore. — Fewer hunters and anglers across Oregon may lead the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to increase fees and license prices. ODFW is set to release a new budget plan later this week to find ways to pay for programs and services. A spokesman for the department said ODFW is facing a … Continue reading »

ODFW Stocking Lakes with Trout

NEAR LOST CREEK LAKE, Ore. — Trout fishing season starts this weekend, and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is getting lakes and reservoirs ready to go. Throughout the month of April, more than 50,000 trout will be released from Cole Rivers Hatchery.  They will be dumped into lakes and reservoirs around southern Oregon. … Continue reading »

Cougar Spotted Near Talent Apartments

TALENT, Ore. — Just before sunset on Tuesday, a cougar was spotted lurking near a Talent apartment complex. Police said the cougar was not very afraid of people and appeared to be either sick or injured and may have been hit by a car. It was the second time Talent police had been called out … Continue reading »

Hunting Season Harvests for ODFW

WHITE CITY, Ore. — The fall deer season is about half over and elk season is getting underway in the Cascades, but it’s not just deer that deer hunters are harvesting again this year. A large number of black bear and cougar are also ending up in hunter’s rifle sights. Harvested big cats and bruins … Continue reading »

ODFW Feeling Shutdown Effects

MEDFORD, Ore. — Many agencies are operating with a limited budget, or are impacted indirectly by the government shutdown. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife crews and volunteers will be spending extra time putting up signs indicating road closures during Cascade rifle elk season, because they don’t have the expected help from forest service … Continue reading »

Trout Transported to Howard Prairie

HOWARD PRAIRIE, Ore. — Water temperatures are too high to safely stock trout in some Oregon lakes and ponds, but 3,000 trout are on the move. The fish were scheduled to go to Lake Selmac, but with water temperature around 70 degrees, it was deemed unsafe. So now, these fish will find a home in … Continue reading »

Woman Drowned While On Coquille River

COOS COUNTY, Ore. — A woman is dead after drowning in Coos County on Tuesday. The sheriff’s office says 25-year-old Kristle Volin was working on the Coquille River. She was working with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, scouting the river for possible restoration areas. Volin and a partner were on pontoons when a … Continue reading »

Program Compensates Ranchers For Losses

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Agriculture says $100,000 of Oregon tax payers money is going to good use. A grant program will compensate ranchers for losses from the wolf population. Over about the last two years, counties have doled out money to ranchers who have lost livestock because of wolf attacks. As of … Continue reading »

Boat Inspections Open Early This Year

MEDFORD, Ore. — California man Mike McDonald hit the road Saturday morning with Crescent City and open water on his mind. “I’m going to take it over and hopefully get some crabbing done, then when salmon season opens, I’ll be out there hopefully the first of April to get out there and get some salmon,” … Continue reading »