Obama DOJ Appeals Immigration Order

WASHINGTON D.C. (CNN) — The Justice Department is seeking a stay to a Texas ruling that has put President Obama’s executive order on immigration on hold. Officials requested the stay with a federal court Monday; the request also includes a notice to appeal the Texas ruling. A federal judge ruled last week to stop the … Continue reading »

Obama to Sign Order on Cyber Security

WASHINGTON — President Obama intends to sign an executive order today encouraging the creation of organizations helping handle cyber security. The President wants members of the private sector to share information about threats to cyber security with each other and with the federal government. He says it will help businesses head off potentially damaging data … Continue reading »

Obama to Ask for ISIS War Authority

WASHINGTON D.C. (CNN) – Six months after U.S. military action began against the Islamist terror group ISIS, the White House is poised to send Capitol Hill language to formally authorize the mission this week. But it’s far from certain if the measure can pass Congress, which is deeply divided on the issue. It comes as the family of … Continue reading »

Democrats Plead for Immigration Reform

WASHINGTON — In Washington, Democrats are urging president Obama to take action on immigration. The request comes after the Republican controlled House declined to pass a reform bill. Supporters call it a moral and economic issue. Democrats also defend the President’s authority to stop the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants. Representative Juan Vargas (D) … Continue reading »

Immigrant Children Setback in Visa Apps

(CNN) — The Supreme Court ruled immigrant children who turn 21 will have to start all over in applying for a visa. The case stems from a Salvadoran immigrant who applied for a visa when her son was 13-years old. Her son is now 21 and will not qualify as an eligible child, despite her … Continue reading »

President Speaks About VA Hospitals

(CNN) — American’s are remembering the nation’s fallen heroes today. These are the men and women who have given their lives in defense of the nation. There are Memorial day ceremonies happening across the country. President Obama participated in a wreath laying ceremony and delivered a speech at Arlington National Cemetery today. During his remarks … Continue reading »