Weather May Impact Travel Plans

A cold front will be moving through the region today bringing heavy rains and strong winds. The strongest winds will be at the coast, mountains, east of the Cascades and Shasta Valley, in these locations we have High Wind Warnings. Moderate to heavy rainfall possible at times, especially at the coast where we could see … Continue reading »

Wet & Windy Weather

Today will be the last dry day before Thanksgiving, so take advantage of it by clearing out drains and gutters before the rain and winds move in and cause your drains to clog. Also prepare for power outages next week by having plenty of batteries, water and a way to¬† keep warm in case the … Continue reading »

Foggy Before Rain Returns

High pressure moves into the area today and tomorrow which will allow fog to form and linger, it may be dense at times, something to keep in mind while driving. Leave extra time to drive slowly and safely and keep your headlights on so that other drivers can see you more easily. In the afternoon … Continue reading »

Brief Dry Pattern

A shortwave trough will be moving through the area today bringing rain to the area as it goes. Starting at the coast and northern California we’ll see showers through the early afternoon and as the system continues moving to the northeast it will bring showers to the east side of the Cascades. At the higher … Continue reading »

Rain, Wind & Snow

A cold front will be moving through the area today bringing rain, wind, and snow to the region which we’ve seen all of already this morning. The strongest winds will be at the coast, mountains and east of the Cascades with the heaviest rain staying at the coast. Snow will be the story through the … Continue reading »

Ice, Snow, Rain & Fog

Widespread dense freezing fog along the I-5 corridor as well as frost, snow and ice to start the day. Over the next couple of days driving conditions will be compromised, so leave time to drive slowly and safely and also time to defrost your windshield. Temperatures this morning got down below freezing even in the … Continue reading »

Wintery Weather Moves In

Snow showers have already started falling and a few thunderstorms have popped up at the coast; this will be our weather story through tomorrow. A cold front will be moving through the area today dropping temperatures as it goes meaning high temperatures today will not be this afternoon but earlier. Temperatures¬† will start to drop … Continue reading »

Colder & Snowy

A cold front will continue to move through the region today and once it clears our area we’ll see some clearing of the skies, but it’s short-lived. A stronger cold front associated with the jetstream moves into our area tomorrow and the cold airmass will remain present in our region through the weekend. Tomorrow we’ll … Continue reading »

Changing Weather Pattern

A foggy start to the day across the region with gradual clearing to mostly sunny skies today with near record high temperatures. Sunday Medford tied a record high of 73 degrees as did Roseburg reaching 76 degrees. Tomorrow will be a repeat of today with morning fog and afternoon sun. But that’s it for mild … Continue reading »

Foggy Fall Weekend

A chance for morning fog across the region today and in the valleys through the weekend. A weak front passes through today bringing a chance for light showers this afternoon and evening, while most will hold off at the coast a few could make their way a bit further inland impacted the west side of … Continue reading »

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