Sony Plans to Release The Interview

CNN – It appears that Sony pictures will release “The Interview” after all. Sources close to the matter said Sony is set to announce that a limited number of theaters will show the satire on Christmas. Theaters in Austin, Texas and Atlanta announced on Twitter today that they will screen “The Interview”. Sony may also … Continue reading »

Sony Cancels Release of The Interview

MEDFORD, Ore. — Sony announced Wednesday¬†afternoon that the planned release of “The Interview” on Christmas Day has been cancelled. The move comes after most of the country’s largest theater chains decided not to show the movie due to threats of a September 11th-type attack from anonymous hackers. The comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco … Continue reading »

Ed Chun Travels to D.C. for Address

WASHINGTON D.C. — South Korea’s President is visiting America for the first time, addressing lawmakers on Capitol Hill. During the address to the Joint Session of Congress, Park Geun-Hye said her country will never accept a nuclear-armed North Korea. She also said South Korea’s success against its neighbor’s threat, is world success. “The peninsula is … Continue reading »