Increased Patrols for New Year’s Eve

MEDFORD, Ore. — Police say there will be increased enforcement out tonight. There an additional 4 officers in Medford who will specialize in just DUIs tonight. Police say the big message for tonight is to plan ahead. Don’t wait until you start drinking to think about what your plan for getting home is. Sgt. Don Lane of Medford … Continue reading »

Local New Year’s Eve Events

MEDFORD, Ore. — Southern Oregon is ringing in the New Year. There are plenty of events across the Rogue Valley for both young and old. Scienceworks is hosting a “Noon Year’s Eve” if you don’t want to stay up past bedtime. There will be a countdown and balloon drop at noon, plus: dancing and live … Continue reading »

Firefighters Urge Safety With Fireworks

MEDFORD, Ore. — New Year’s Eve means some fireworks may light up the skies in the Rogue Valley; however, safety is a big concern and firefighters urge people to use caution. “Make sure there’s an adult present when you’re letting fire works off. A lot of times they can alarm pets, try to keep pets … Continue reading »

Dry Out for the Weekend!

An upper level low just off the coastline will continue to bring bands of precipitation through our region into this evening. Skies cleared last night ahead of the approaching front long enough for a strong enough inversion to form, keeping temperatures on the cooler side in the Valley. This allowed for snow rather than rain … Continue reading »

Friday Brings Another Storm!

Clouds from the next system that will bring rain to our region are beginning to move onshore now. The coast will see a chance for showers late this evening as a result. For the rest of Southern Oregon and Siskiyou County, conditions will be mainly dry. We will see an increase in cloud cover over … Continue reading »