A Sunny & Chilly New Year’s Day

WEATHER DISCUSSION With a clear night, temperatures dropped to the teens and single digits for many inland locations the morning of New Year’s Eve.  Conditions won’t be much different for New Year’s Day, but it won’t be quite as cold in the early morning hours.  That means lower 20’s instead of upper teens in the … Continue reading »

Dry Out for the Weekend!

An upper level low just off the coastline will continue to bring bands of precipitation through our region into this evening. Skies cleared last night ahead of the approaching front long enough for a strong enough inversion to form, keeping temperatures on the cooler side in the Valley. This allowed for snow rather than rain … Continue reading »

Friday Brings Another Storm!

Clouds from the next system that will bring rain to our region are beginning to move onshore now. The coast will see a chance for showers late this evening as a result. For the rest of Southern Oregon and Siskiyou County, conditions will be mainly dry. We will see an increase in cloud cover over … Continue reading »