Hoodoo Offers Ashland Skiers Relief

ASHLAND, Ore. — While Southern Oregon skiers and snowboarders wait for snow on Mount Ashland, there is an option for season pass holders. Friday afternoon, Mt. Ashland announced that the Hoodoo Ski Area near Sisters, Oregon will allow all 2013-14 Mt. Ashland season pass holders free skiing at their resort up until Mt. Ashland opens … Continue reading »

Mt. Ashland Praying for Snow

MT. ASHLAND, Ore. — Skiers on Mount Ashland are praying for snow, and while this weekend’s storm offered some hope for snow in the higher elevations, Mt. Ashland officials say it isn’t enough. The ski area is currently closed because of the lack of snow. The Development Director for Mt. Ashland, Rick Saul, says all … Continue reading »

Mt. Ashland 50th Anniversary Postponed

MT. ASHLAND, Ore. — The storm expected this weekend is too little, too late for one Southern Oregon ski resort. Mt. Ashland has already decided to put its 50th anniversary celebration on hold. The anniversary is Saturday, but with the ski area closed, the party has to be postponed. Construction on the lodge started in … Continue reading »

Dry Year Impacts Mt. Ashland Skiing

ASHLAND, Ore. — Southern Oregon is on pace for the driest year on record, and right now some businesses are feeling the impact. Mount Ashland currently has very little snow on the slopes. Mount Ashland typically opens between the first weekend of December and the start of winter break for local schools. This year, however, … Continue reading »

Ski Area Trains After Snowfall

MOUNT ASHLAND, Ore. — Nearly 150 employees at Mt. Ashland are training for the ski season. This comes after 15 inches of snow fall in that area. That’s not enough snowfall to open the facility for business. “The good news is we got our first big shot of snow. The bad news is it’s only … Continue reading »