Ask the Meteorologist: Lenticular Clouds

ASK THE METEOROLOGIST “What causes clouds shaped like spaceships to form? Ms. O’Looney’s Class, Griffin Creek Elementary Clouds that look like spaceships are called “lenticular” clouds.  These clouds form over mountains when stable air is forced up and over the mountain peak.  As it is lifted upward, the moisture in the air condenses and forms … Continue reading »

Ask the Meteorologist: Mountain Impacts

How are the mountain ranges a factor in the type of weather you may have in a region? Adam Bickel Central Point   The mountains have a tremendous impact on the type of weather a distinct area sees. A perfect example is the Pacific Northwest where mountain ranges can bring inches of rainfall to the … Continue reading »

Strong Storm Comes Through Tonight

A rather strong storm will move into our region this evening with a good supply of moisture from the tropics. This will cause widespread rain and snow across the region through the evening before gradually decreasing in strength and coverage into the morning. Snow levels will be remain around 2,000′ and it’s possible snow levels … Continue reading »