Skiers Spend Holiday At Mt. Ashland

MT. ASHLAND, Ore. — President’s Day meant a chance to head up to Mt. Ashland for some skiing and snowboarding. Skiers and snow boarders took advantage of President’s Day and a day off from work or school to hit the slopes on Mount Ashland. Mount officials say three day holiday weekends usually mean big business. … Continue reading »

Mt. Ashland Bucket Brigade

By Rob Scott ASHLAND, Ore. — Tuesday the siltation traps at Mt. Ashland were emptied for the first time in 8 years. Mt Ashland officials are hoping to show environmental opponents just how little sedimentation occurs each year. A group of 8th and 9th graders volunteered their time to clean out two siltation traps on … Continue reading »

Update On Rescued Medford Man

By Bryan Navarro NEAR MOUNT ASHLAND, Ore. — A 52-year-old Medford man is recovering after surviving for three days without food or water. Kurt Liska’s family says they were beyond relieved when they got the call saying he was alive. His father says the family knew Liska went for a drive in the woods, and … Continue reading »

Recent Rescue Raises Survival Awareness

ASHLAND, Ore. — A man is found alive days after crashing his car near Mt. Ashland and it has others planning what they would need to survive a similar situation. 52-year-old Kurt Liska was stranded for three days when his car crashed down an embankment near a Forest Service road on Mt. Ashland. He was … Continue reading »

Local Man Found Alive After Crash

NEAR MOUNT ASHLAND, Ore. — A man is found alive four days after crashing off a Forest Service road near Mt. Ashland. Officials say the only reason crews found him in the first place were his calls for help. It took more than a dozen people working together to climb the steep hill and pull … Continue reading »