Mitchell Below Guilty of Murder

MEDFORD, Ore. – Day 3 of the Below case ended in a verdict and sentencing on Thursday. Earlier that afternoon, the judge ruled Mitchell Below guilty of murder, sentencing him to life in prison. After serving a mandatory sentence of 300 months, which is 25 years, Below will be able to apply for parole. Should … Continue reading »

Day 2 of Mitchell Below Murder Trial

MEDFORD, Ore. – On the second day of the trial of Mitchell Below, testimony was heard from two psychologists who interviewed Below on separate occasions. Below is on trial for the strangulation death of Bonnie Sue Payne in March of 2011. The defense is arguing that Mitchell Below was in a state of extreme emotional … Continue reading »

Mitchell Below Trial Begins

MEDFORD, Ore. — A trial is underway for a man charged with strangling his girlfriend in 2011. is accused of killing Bonnie Sue Payne in March of 2011. Tuesday’s testimony included the defendant’s sister. She testified that her brother had struggled for years with employment and personal problems. She said that, while she had seen … Continue reading »