Portland Boosts Minimum Wage

PORTLAND, Ore. — More than 170 city workers in Portland will get a boost in their hourly minimum wage. The Portland City Council voted to raise the hourly rate to $15 for full-time city employees and contractors. Budget officials say the plan will cost at least 1.1 million dollars per year. A bill introduced in … Continue reading »

Minimum Wage Increase Impacts Businesses

MEDFORD, Ore. — Starting January 1st, minimum wage in Oregon jumped 15 cents from $9.10 to $9.25 an hourĀ – making it the second highest minimum wage in the nation. Several local businesses already pay their employees above minimum wage, but this paycheck boost is going to affect close to 150-thousand workers that are paid minimum … Continue reading »

Minimum Wage Set to Go Up in 21 States

CNN — New laws going into effect this week mean more money for many minimum wage workers. In the new year, higher minimum wages take effect in 21 states, Effectively giving many people a pay raise. Most of those changes take effect on January 1st. According to the Economic Policy Institute, the wage increases will … Continue reading »

Minimum Wage Set to Increase in Oregon

MEDFORD, Ore. — Minimum wage workers in Oregon fit all of their needs into a tight budget, and beginning next year, they may have a little more to work with. The Oregon Labor and Industries commissioner announced Tuesday minimum wage will be going up 15 cents per hour beginning January 1st, 2014. Minimum wage worker … Continue reading »

Obama’s State of the Union Address

President Obama gave his fourth State of the Union Address Tuesday night. The main focus of the speech was how he plans to improve the economy and find work for 12.3 million unemployed Americans. Obama called for a raise to the federal minimum wage to nine dollars an hour. He also outlined a plan to … Continue reading »