Officers Train to Help Mentally Ill

MEDFORD, Ore. — Officers in the Rogue Valley are working to better understand and help the mentally ill. This week, members from every law enforcement agency in southern Oregon are doing what’s called a ‘Crisis Intervention Training’ or CIT. Back in February, several officers and the Jackson County Mental Health department went to Salt Lake City, Utah to … Continue reading »

Mental Health: Critical Care Pt. 2

MEDFORD, Ore. — People suffering from mental illness sometimes end up turning to drugs, alcohol, violence or suicide. These situations can escalate quickly and often police officers are called as the first line of defense, but local law enforcement officers are shifting gears to change how mental illness calls are handled. In 2011, the Medford … Continue reading »

Forum Held to Discuss Mental Illness

MEDFORD, Ore. — Saturday a forum was held in Medford to discuss the so called “revolving door” for people living with mental illness. A panel composed of mental health specialists and law enforcement discussed the issues surrounding the procedure for a mentally ill person who needs help. Some on the panel are advocating for changes … Continue reading »