Medical Marijuana Conference Scheduled

ASHLAND, Ore. — A first-of-its-kind medical marijuana conference is coming to Southern Oregon. The Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference will be held at the Ashland Springs Hotel in January. The event will focus specifically on the marijuana dispensary laws being created, educating patients and dispensary owners on how to navigate the system. Its founder says … Continue reading »

2nd Alarm Fire Started by Wood Stove

MEDFORD, Ore. — Flames from a Medford home greeted Rob Neff as he came home with his son’s from practice Wednesday evening. “I turned on to Valley View, I noticed the flames were really big, called 911, said there was a fire at Valley View and Mathews Place,” said Neff. It was his neighbors home … Continue reading »

Panel Drafting Rules for Medical Pot

ASHLAND, Ore. — A committee made up of lawmakers, law enforcement officials and marijuana advocates are looking deeper into Oregon’s existing medical marijuana law and wanting more transparency. Committee members met in Salem last week. They are reviewing House Bill 3460, the existing law on dispensaries. They say the law is very broad. They’re discussing … Continue reading »

Reaction Differs On Marijuana Bill

MEDFORD, Ore. — Statistics show 6,900 people in Jackson county are medical marijuana card holders. Only Multnomah county has more. Both local law enforcement officials and medical marijuana advocates agree dispensories would likely will lead to more card holders, but differ on if that is a positive or negative thing for the state. Medical marijuana … Continue reading »

Medical Marijuana Bill Heads To Governor

ASHLAND, Ore. — With the signature of the governor, medical marijuana dispensaries will become legal in the state of Oregon.  This will make Oregon the 13th state where marijuana can be sold in retail establishments. Currently, people who possess medical marijuana cards can either grow marijuana or hire someone to grow for them.  There are … Continue reading »

Medical Marijuana Suspects in Court

MEDFORD, Ore. — Three of the four people arrested in a recent raid on medical marijuana storefronts will also face racketeering charges. Lori Duckworth, Leland Duckworth, and David James Bond were in court Monday for a pre-trial. The Duckworths are also facing charges for possession of substantial amounts of marijuana and three counts of money … Continue reading »

Medical Marijuana Laws Up for Debate

MEDFORD, Ore. – As medical marijuana advocates raise money for legal fees for those arrested in the recent raids, lawmakers are considering changes to the states’ laws. Senator Alan Bates is one of the architects for a bill that would create a state-run network of medical marijuana dispensaries. He says current laws are unclear to … Continue reading »

Lori Duckworth Released from Jail

MEDFORD, Ore. — One of Southern Oregon’s most vocal supporters of medical marijuana has been in jail one week, and Thursday around 6 p.m., she was released from bail. Upon walking out of the jail, Laura (Lori) Duckworth confronted media asking for her  and her family’s privacy to be respected. She appeared in frail condition, where … Continue reading »

Bill Proposes Pot Grow Restrictions

MEDFORD, Ore. — Local law enforcement is backing a bill to change Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program. The bill is pushing to limit how many growers are allowed to grow medicinal cannabis on any one property. Medford Police Chief Tim George was in Salem to support House Bill 3055. He testified at a hearing at the … Continue reading »

Testing Pot for Patients’ Health

MEDFORD, Ore. — Testing medicinal pot before it lands in the hands of patients could soon be required in Oregon. House Bill 3460 would require all medicinal pot to be tested for harmful substances like mold, mildew and pesticides. For patient Wes Robertson, he supports the bill. He relies on medical marijuana everyday. He has cystic … Continue reading »

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