Sports Bars Prep for Rose Bowl

MEDFORD, Ore. —  Pubs and restaurants are filled today for this year’s Rose Bowl. Big bowl games like this can mean big business for local watering holes. Local businesses like Joe’s Sports Bar & Grill in Medford count on high-profile match-ups like the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl to draw in the crowds. The staff … Continue reading »

Increased Patrols for New Year’s Eve

MEDFORD, Ore. — Police say there will be increased enforcement out tonight. There an additional 4 officers in Medford who will specialize in just DUIs tonight. Police say the big message for tonight is to plan ahead. Don’t wait until you start drinking to think about what your plan for getting home is. Sgt. Don Lane of Medford … Continue reading »

Recycle Center Looks to Renew Experience

MEDFORD, Ore. — The new Medford Bottle Drop center is receiving the most green bag sign ups in the state. According to officials, the center has seen almost 1,000 people signed up for the green bags program, which translates into 100 bags being signed up per day. Right now, the center processes 400,000 units per … Continue reading »

Three More Cars Stolen While Warming Up

MEDFORD, Ore. — Police are trying to track down two cars stolen while their owners were warming them up early Tuesday morning. According to investigators, the first is a Black Mazda Tribute stolen in the 900 block of S. Holly St. The second was a 2012 black Dodge Challenger that was sitting just outside Medford on the … Continue reading »

Winter Weather Preps for Firefighters

MEDFORD, Ore. — With the chance for severe weather this week, local fire stations are keeping tabs on the forecast so they can be ready in emergency situations. The prep for winter months starts back in October making sure all rigs are equipped for cold and icy weather. If the chance of precipitation is more … Continue reading »

Frozen Pipe Dangers

MEDFORD, Ore. — Experts say this transition period into winter is a vital time. The chill in the air can be felt, but people may not be thinking about the ice forming in the pipes that hide in walls and floorboards. Experts say now is the time to make adjustments to homes before costly damage … Continue reading »

Surrogacy Center Looking for Families

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Southern Oregon Surrogacy Center is looking for families interested in hiring a surrogate. At least eight women have already signed up to be surrogate mothers. The program director, Erica Sanders, was herself a surrogate mother for a gay couple from Indiana. She says many of the women who sign up to be … Continue reading »

Emergency Outage Plan

  MEDFORD, Ore. — The recent North Korean hackings may have some wondering how vulnerable we are to cyber attacks. What would happen to our cities if the internet went out? Local emergency responders are prepared to help the community if the internet in the city should go out. Police and firefighters use radios everyday. … Continue reading »

Power Outages Impacting Rogue Valley

[UPDATE] Pacific Power confirms service was restored at about 1:00 P.M. MEDFORD, Ore. — About 458 customers are still without power after an emergency affected service. That’s down from 1,477 residents earlier. Crews are on scene and repairs are underway. Estimated restoration time is 2:30 P.M.  

Owner of Abandoned Pit Bulls Arrested

MEDFORD, Ore. – The owner of two pit bulls was arrested after police found the dogs abandoned. On Sunday, officers found an adult pit bull and a nursing pit bull puppy abandoned inside a house in the 100 block of Washington St. after the residence had been designated unsafe. According to investigators, the dogs were left without food … Continue reading »

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