New Walmart Impacts Community

MEDFORD, Ore. – Aside from the protesters outside the Walmart, and the shoppers inside, the new store has a bigger impact. The doors are open, parking spaces are hard to come by and shoppers are leaving with carts full of merchandise. The economic impact of the new Walmart opening goes further than the cash register. … Continue reading »

New Walmart Draws Hundreds

MEDFORD, Ore. – At least a hundred people came to the ribbon cutting and filed in the new Medford Walmart to start shopping. Stepping into the new store, shoppers say they’re noticing a different look and feel. The south Medford Walmart store is a “super center”, meaning a full line of groceries, merchandise and other … Continue reading »

Timeline of New Walmart In Medford

MEDFORD, Ore. — The opening of the new south Medford Walmart comes after about a decade of battles between the Medford City Council, the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals, special interest groups and even the Supreme Court. In 2003, Medford residents fought the plan for a couple reasons, including to save Miles Field, but … Continue reading »

Some Residents Protest New Walmart

MEDFORD, Ore. – Local groups have opposed the store since the blue prints began nearly a decade ago and protesters were outside the new Walmart with picket signs in hand for the store’s grand opening. The protesters say the new store will kill jobs and hurt small business. It’s been a long road to get … Continue reading »

New Medford Walmart To Open

MEDFORD, Ore. — After several years in the Rogue Valley, two Walmart locations are shutting the doors Tuesday night. At the same time, a new Walmart is about to open. The closures are especially disappointing for residents who live behind the Talent store. “We didn’t realize it was actually going to happen. There were rumors … Continue reading »