Teachers Ratify New Contract

MEDFORD, Ore. – After roughly a week of casting and collecting ballots, Medford teachers have officially ratified the agreement that ended the strike. The final count was performed Friday evening. Representatives of the MEA say it was not unanimous but it was enough to pass the contract. Those new terms are set to expire June, … Continue reading »

Both Sides Call Strike-Ending Deal a Win

MEDFORD, Ore. – Medford teachers and students are back in school for the first normal day of classes since teachers went on strike almost three weeks ago. “The biggest feeling is just, it’s over and now we can get back to work,” said instructional coach and MEA representative Lisa North. That sigh of relief should … Continue reading »

Tentative Agreement Addresses Class Size

MEDFORD, Ore. – Medford teachers are back in their classrooms for the first time since the strike began. On Sunday, nearly 600 teachers re-entered their schools to warm welcomes from principals and staff. Nearly all of those teachers were dressed in their black “iTeach” t-shirts in solidarity. “As we were out there we just became… … Continue reading »

School Board Recall Effort Continues

MEDFORD, Ore. – Despite a tentative agreement between the Medford School District and teachers’ union, efforts to recall the Medford school board will continue. Saturday afternoon, signature gatherers as part of the 549c School Board Recall group met for training at the Jackson County Library. Members were trained in the legal requirements for gathering signatures. … Continue reading »

Schools Prepare for Return to Normal

MEDFORD, Ore – For the first time in more than two weeks, no shouts can be heard and no picket lines can be seen outside Medford schools. A deal struck between the school district and teachers’ union late Friday night will allow schools to go back to their normal schedules on Monday. But that gives … Continue reading »

Parents Speak Up as Bargaining Continues

MEDFORD, Ore. – Megaphones blare among a sea of parents filling the front lawn of the Medford School District headquarters. “I’d like them to open their eyes, open their ears, open their minds to what they’re doing,” said parent Jon Buckley. Fourteen days of striking have left demonstrators with little hope, but plenty of energy. … Continue reading »

School Labor Practices Under Dispute

MEDFORD, Ore. – The Medford teacher strike is not the only problem between the MEA and the school district. The two sides have been arguing over multiple Unfair Labor Practice complaints (ULP’s) while bargaining has been going on. One complaint, filed in July of last year by the MEA against the district, claims two teachers … Continue reading »

Teachers Take Rally to the Streets

MEDFORD, Ore. – Saturday morning teachers and supporters ditched the picket lines and went mobile, carrying their message on cars to get bargaining back on track. “It feels empty without the teachers,” said South Medford High School Junior Ivan Lopez. “It doesn’t feel the same.” The two sides are scheduled for a check-in with the … Continue reading »

Honkers’ Tickets Dismissed

MEDFORD, Ore. — Those who drove by Griffin Creek Elementary on Monday, and received a ticket from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office to show support for the teachers, won’t have to worry about paying the fine. The sheriff’s office has requested the tickets be dismissed because they were written under the wrong offense. The citations … Continue reading »

Parents Say Schools Won’t Let Them In

MEDFORD, Ore. – Denzil Guy plays video games on the back porch of his Medford home. His first day of class will go on without him. “I’m not going to let my child go anywhere that I don’t make sure it’s a safe environment for him,” said his mother, Faye. Denzil is seven years old … Continue reading »

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