Ski Teams Wrap Up Unprecedented Season

MEDFORD, Ore. – Kailey Flockoi and her coach gather over an iPhone, reviewing video from their championship race last week. The video shows the final runs of what will hopefully prove a once-in-a-lifetime season. “I definitely had a different image of what this year was going to go down like,” said Flockoi. Last week’s races … Continue reading »

Lack of Snow Stops Ski Practice

ASHLAND, Ore. — Due to the lack of snow, Medford and Ashland ski students haven’t been able to get in much practice this season. Each year the Medford Ski Education Foundation including starts practicing mid-December and the skiers get out on the mountain before holiday break. On Thursday, the students were forced to do dry-land … Continue reading »

Southern Oregon Skiers Train Together

ASHLAND, Ore. – Last week’s Amateur Athlete of the Week highlighted the story of Alex Frol, a skier that trains with the Medford Ski Education Foundation (MSEF). The MSEF combines high school skiers from all over the region to train together during the season. Several of these skiers will compete at Mt. Hood for the … Continue reading »