Officer Catches Burglars Red Handed

MEDFORD, Ore. — A homeowner at work turns on her security camera and witnesses two burglars attempting to get away with her property. But those two suspects didn’t make it far. Lt. Mike Budreau with the Medford Police Department happened to be in the area when the homeowner called police. He got to the home … Continue reading »

Bad Ass Coffee Stand Robbed

MEDFORD, Ore. — Police are still searching for a man who robbed Bad Ass Coffee stand Tuesday evening. Police say a barista was cleaning up the stand inside, when a man approached the window, pointed a gun at her face and demanded cash. “Chances are he lives in the area. He’s associated with folks in … Continue reading »

Salon Robbed by Armed Suspect

MEDFORD, Ore. — Shortly after 4:00 p.m. Medford Police responded to a reported armed robbery on North Riverside Drive in downtown Medford. Police report the suspect walked into walked into the Chic Salon, told workers he had a weapon and demanded money. “According to the victims, the stylists a male entered the business and indicated he … Continue reading »

Medford Police Hand out Christmas Gifts

MEDFORD, Ore. — Several Medford police officers working Christmas day, packed the back of their trunks full of toys and headed out to hand out gifts to kids in need. 10-year-old Tony Martinez is one child who received a gift when officers stopped by his neighborhood Tuesday morning “It’s cool. It’s kind of weird. ‘Cause … Continue reading »

Serious Crimes on the Rise in Medford

MEDFORD, Ore. — Serious crimes in the City of Medford are on the rise. Officers say assaults and burglaries are up more than 20% from the same time last year. They say even before the holiday season it was at a historical high. Police are noticing this uptick linked with increased drug offenses. “Unfortunately some … Continue reading »

Medford Police To Host Citizens Academy

MEDFORD, Ore. – The Medford Police Department is providing an opportunity for local citizens to get a behind the scenes look at the job of protecting the public. The Medford Police Citizens Academy is 33-hour course presented by members of the police department. Topics covered in the class include criminal investigation and prosecution, use of … Continue reading »

City Leaders Survey for Improvements

MEDFORD, Ore. — Dozens of police officers and city officials hit the pavement for Operation Community Awareness Rejuvenation Effort or also known as Operation C.A.R.E. On Tuesday night, city officials went door to door in central Medford focusing on Almond, Tripp and Cottage streets. They filled out a survey with residents and asked questions ranging … Continue reading »

Medford Residents Turn In Old Medication

MEDFORD, Ore.– Prescription drugs, cold medications, even vitamins found there way into the drug collection box Saturday at Medford City Hall. Medford residents like George Flanagan showed up to turn in medications they no longer need. “Well, I had a bunch of over-the-counter stuff that I just didn’t need because I’ve got prescription stuff now,” said … Continue reading »

Online Crime Reporting For Medford

MEDFORD, Ore. – The Medford Police Department is reminding the public that crime victims can help officers respond faster by reporting some crimes online. The service is not new to Medford, but police want to remind the public that reporting some crimes online can eliminate the need to wait for a police officer to respond. … Continue reading »

Medford Police See Rise In Bike Thefts

MEDFORD, Ore. – The Medford Police Department is issuing a warning to Medford citizens of an increase in bicycle thefts since June of this year. Police say between June 1st and August 14th, there have been 55 reports of bicycles stolen. To put this number in perspective, Medford Police say only 39 bikes were reported … Continue reading »

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