Driest Start To Year On Record

MEDFORD, Ore. — The statistics and charts show it, through March 25th, this is the driest start to any year in Medford’s history. “Statistics were kept back in 1850. 1.63 in those first 84 days of the year is the driest we’ve ever been in those 84 days,” said National Weather Service Meteorologist Mike Ottenweller. … Continue reading »

Driest Year On Record In Medford

MEDFORD, Ore. — It’s a record: the driest start to any calendar year in Medford history is taking place right now, coming off a wet end to 2012. Despite the dry start to the calendar year, the area is just above average for the water year. Last year, fire season began in Southern Oregon on … Continue reading »

Heavy Rain Causes Flooding

GOLD HILL, Ore. – This weekend’s heavy rains also hit Jackson County hard, causing flooding in some places. Meteorologists with the National Weather Service in Medford say the storm that stretched from Thursday to Sunday ranks 14th all-time with rainfall totaling more than 4 inches. Heavy rains caused heavy flooding in parts of Jackson County. … Continue reading »

Meteorologist Release Weather Balloons

MEDFORD, Ore. – Forecasters across the country are following a storm that could hit the Nation’s Capital by the first of next week. The storm could impact millions of Americans, in some of the countries biggest cities, so meteorologists across the country are beefing up resources to make sure they get it right, even asking … Continue reading »