Medford Fire Works on CPR Techniques

MEDFORD, Ore. – Medford Fire is training its crews to save more lives through cardiac resuscitation. Thursday through Saturday the department held its quarterly CPR requirement for all firefighters and emergency medical crews. The training covered basic life-saving measures, how to improve response time, and even how to adjust to variables like a person’s medical … Continue reading »

No Clues Yet in Medford House Fire

MEDFORD, Ore – Fire investigators continued looking into what sparked a large fire in a Medford home Thursday night. The fire destroyed the garage and damaged part of the house on Mallard Lane shortly before midnight on Thursday. The family was able to escape safely as crews battled those flames. Friday morning, the family went … Continue reading »

Medford Fire to Replace Older Stations

MEDFORD, Ore. – Medford firefighters got the final piece of the puzzle that will allow them to replace and repair old and outdated fire stations across the city. Thursday, the Medford City Council approved a utility fee increase of about $2 per month for every resident and business for the next year. That money will … Continue reading »

New Fire Station Plan in Medford

MEDFORD, Ore. — After years of talk, the Medford Fire Department is making plans to move its smallest and most outdated fire station to a new location. On Thursday, the Medford City Council gave the OK to a plan to buy a one and a third acre parcel on West Stewart Avenue on which to … Continue reading »

Medford Arson Investigation Continues

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford Fire Department is working with Medford Police on an investigation of a string of arsons at vacant homes. The most recent arson under investigation occurred last night off Prune Street in west Medford. Fire officials say the fire started in the garage and caused $30,000 in damage. Medford Fire officials … Continue reading »

Demo Shows Importance of Sprinklers

MEDFORD, Ore. — In less than three minutes, a fire can burn everything inside one room; it’s a message the Medford Fire Department demonstrated to the Chamber of Commerce. Members from the Chamber of Commerce visited the fire department, learning about what the fire department does, from extrications, to putting out fires. In one demonstration, … Continue reading »

Firefighters Urge Safety With Fireworks

MEDFORD, Ore. — New Year’s Eve means some fireworks may light up the skies in the Rogue Valley; however, safety is a big concern and firefighters urge people to use caution. “Make sure there’s an adult present when you’re letting fire works off. A lot of times they can alarm pets, try to keep pets … Continue reading »

Family’s Home Burned To The Ground

PHOENIX, Ore. — A Rogue Valley family is without their home and their dog is missing after a fire destroyed their home early Saturday morning. The call came in around 4:45 a.m. Saturday morning and and crews from Jackson County Fire District 5, Medford Fire and Fire District 3 responded to the call on Coleman … Continue reading »

Fire Crews Train On Donated House

MEDFORD, Ore. — On Sunday morning, crews from Medford Fire had a training opportunity that hasn’t been available in more than a year. A house in Medford was donated by the owner to the Medford Fire Department for training purposes. Firefighter Josh Allphin has been with Medford Fire for about a year and said Sunday’s … Continue reading »

Fire Officials: Time to Change Batteries

MEDFORD, Ore. — Time has fallen back to normal as daylight savings time came to an end, and fire officials urge the public to change the batteries in smoke detectors. Firefighters say it just takes a few minutes and can save lives. As cooler temperatures move in, potential for fires at home increase with the … Continue reading »