Student Writes Letter To Superintendent

MEDFORD, Ore. — The talks of a potential strike has some of the most impacted people speaking out–the students. Abraham Lincoln Elementary School fourth grader Colette Henry loves going to school and has only missed two days in the past four years. She said some of her classmates are excited for a strike, thinking it … Continue reading »

District Prepares for Potential Strike

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford School Board met for an executive session Monday night while members of the Medford Education Association and other community supporters lined the sidewalk in support of the teachers. The mandatory ten day notice of a strike has been given to the district and should an agreement not be reached by … Continue reading »

District Leaders Discuss Costs of Strike

MEDFORD, Ore. – School district leaders in Medford are meeting throughout the week to work out the challenge of how they’re going to keep classes open if the teachers’ strike goes into effect. But some neighboring districts have gone through a similar experience in the past. Administrators in Eagle Point say they had to balance … Continue reading »

Medford Teachers Prepare for Strike

MEDFORD, Ore. – After nearly a year of failed, back-and-forth negotiations, Medford teachers have announced their intention to go on strike. The announcement came after overwhelming majority voted to sacrifice their pay and benefits and stand in the picket lines. But there is still a sliver of hope that a bargain can be reached. “The … Continue reading »

Medford Teacher Strike Vote Expected

MEDFORD, Ore. – After months and months of negotiations, Medford School District teachers may finally decide whether they want to strike. Regardless of the outcome, it doesn’t necessarily mean a strike will happen. The meeting tonight is focused on getting the large majority opinion from the MEA members. The vote will show how many union … Continue reading »

Teachers Hold Protest in Medford

MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford teachers continue to protest after receiving their latest offer from the district. 150 supporters of the MEA joined the picket lines Saturday afternoon, including teachers from Medford, Eagle Point and Central Point. Earlier this week, the district put their latest contract on the table and requested teachers vote on ratification. Protesters … Continue reading »

Teacher Contract Negotiations Continue

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford School District and the union is in negotiations to come up with a contract. Both sides are meeting on Friday. This comes just a couple days after a somewhat successful meeting. Earlier this week, the two sides did make progress on a contract. District officials and the teacher’s union met … Continue reading »

Medford Teachers Talk Bargaining

MEDFORD, Ore. — A small group of Medford teachers are meeting before going back to school from winter break. The Medford Education Association President says some teachers are not satisfied with the district’s most recent offer. In Sunday’s meeting, teachers talked about bargaining with the district. The group is talking about its next move, with … Continue reading »

Medford Teachers Discuss Possible Strike

MEDFORD, Ore. – This Friday is the final weekday of winter break in the Medford School District and teachers and staff will return to work Monday with the possibility of a strike. The Medford Education Association said it wouldn’t decide whether to strike until after the break. It says it’s holding a bargaining meeting on … Continue reading »

Teachers Say Strike Very Likely

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford School District has taken the next step in the long contract negotiations with teachers. On Friday, the school board voted unanimously to put their final offer into effect starting next week, but teachers still haven’t signed it, and the Medford Education Association President says she’d sooner go on strike than … Continue reading »

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